"The journey of the self through the self to the self"

Bhagavad Gita


Yoga & Art Sessions


Yoga as Therapy


Yoga therapy is a practice for supporting improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of traditional Yoga.

This process usually includes: General intake, physical assessment & breath assessment, and according to those with an overall body mind observation building a supportive practice plan, in which the practitioner receives guide lines for a safe practice and a personal sequence which compliments his/hers current condition. We will practice it together, and following this you are invited to continue with 1/1 Yoga sessions, join group classes or apply the recommendations with a personal self practice.  

My practice and education

Started my practice at Shivananda school of Yoga, continued at Agama (RYT 200) , followed with advanced training at Luna alignment (RYT 500) and Trauma informed Yoga training with the organisation Ompowerment .

I was trained as a Shiatsu therapist, and a facilitator of Inner dance, combining body work and sound for emotional release and self inquiry.

Currently in training as a certified Yoga Therapist by the Yoga therapy institute in Amsterdam (IAYT 800).

Hatha Yoga

Yoga means union. Union between the layers and levels of our being, and union between a human and the Universe.

Hatha is a combination of the Sanskrit words:

“Ha” = The sun,  and "Tha”= the moon.

“Hatha Yoga” means the yoga of the sun and the moon.

Art classes

The creative process, and the self practice are intertwined with each other. Creating for me is to discover space for observation, asking questions, a place for pleasure and discomfort, a gap where unfiltered humor, genuine expression, mental digestion and self healing can all take place freely. 

Offering private classes, teaching tools and techniques for self expression and radical self acceptance with the applications of visual Art. Each session will start with a short view upon a concept from the history of Art, following by a demonstration and co creating together. We will focus on: still life, self portraits, Architectural perspectives, landscape and expressive abstracts.

The sessions will take place at my studio or outside, suitable for both beginners and advances.