"Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self"

Bhagavad Gita



Yoga therapy is a practice for supporting the process of improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.

This process usually includes: General intake, physical assessment & breath assessment, and according to those with an overall body mind observation building a supportive practice plan, in which the practitioner receives guide lines for a safe practice and a personal sequence which compliments his/hers current condition, and promotes self healing. We will practice it together, and following this you are invited to continue with 1/1 Yoga sessions, join group classes or apply the recommendations with a personal self practice.  


Started my practice at Shivananda school of Yoga, continued at Agama (RYT 200) , followed with advanced training at Luna alignment (RYT 500) and Trauma informed Yoga training with the organisation Ompowerment .

I was trained as a Shiatsu therapist, and a facilitator of Inner dance, combining body work and sound for emotional release and self inquiry.

Currently in training as a certified Yoga Therapist by the Yoga therapy institute in Amsterdam (IAYT 800).


Yoga means union. Union between the layers and levels of our being, and union between a human and the Universe.

Hatha is a combination of the Sanskrit words:

“Ha” = The sun,  and "Tha”= the moon.

“Hatha Yoga” means the yoga of the sun and the moon.


Join me for an individualized theme focused Yoga practice

Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners