In Sanskrit "Nāga" means cobra or a snake. This Mythological creature is a half-human half-serpent being which appears in different forms in several traditions.

It is strong and transformative by nature, ever changing and adapting.

It represents renewal of form and balance between polarities.

The principle of balance presented here presents various perspectives,

based on a constantly shifting relationship between two interacting forces.

There is not one without the other, and they are not “good” or “bad”.

Overall balance and wellbeing may be obtained by self observation and radical

self acceptance. The serpent - like process of moulting, shedding and letting go of outer layers and detaching from parts which were once integral and experienced as part of the whole, requires presence and acceptance, allowing the body to heal and take care of itself naturally and without interference. The skin is a breathing dynamic connective layer between one’s inner universe and the outer one. Understanding the changing nature of this connection can show the unity between the two.

By observing, feeling, questioning, and letting go,

the moulting process is allowed to commence.

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