Yoga Cards & Book

Self production of originally written and illustrated Yoga cards and book.


For me, the creative process and the self practice are intertwined with each other.

This project was created organically during my personal practice and studies of Yoga & Tantra.


Translating the concepts and experiences of the practice in to visual Art, and deepening the understanding of the effect they have upon each other.


It formulated into a deck of cards and accompanying manual for practice and inspiration, and as a platform for teaching and self healing.

It is based on the ancient Hatha Yoga tradition, and incorporate elements of the Ayurvedic and Tantric systems which are culturally and philosophically intertwined with it. The combination of cards and manual form a sort of reference guide. It is an exploration of basic concepts in yogic philosophy, a window into some oft-neglected traditional aspects of Yoga practice. 

See below different Decks of Cards, the Nāga Book, and additional pieces.